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At SoundTraxx, it has always been about the music. And the artist, band, or label is forever tackling the challenge of keeping their music at the forefront. We can help you do just that, and save you time, money, and hassle in the process. See below for details.

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No one cares about your future, your career, your project like you do.  And as much as today’s artist may be consumed with writing, producing, performing, and selling records, quite often it’s the marketing aspect that is largely neglected. Marketing covers a wide sweep of activity, and it’s on you to make sure it’s getting done. The simple things, such as practicing good people skills, listening, and staying in touch with people are what you must do to keep the edge. Oh, did we mention “listening?” That may be the most important habit of all. It costs absolutely nothing to stay in touch by listening, but to whom? Start with the people to whom you entrust your music ... who is presenting it, and how professionally do they do it? Poor presentation will make you sound bad, no matter how much money you’ve invested in your project. Make a regular habit of listening to the stations, DJ’s, and syndicated shows who air your music, as well as those who do not. Make sure the lion’s share of your marketing efforts are well-spent by reaching out to those who know what they’re doing. That’s a no-cost, “free” marketing solution. Let’s talk about some more solutions ...