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Playlists ... For Our Latest SoundTraxx Programme

Join us for our currently-airing Encore SoundTraxx Series, available now at the Stations listed on our Venues Page.  Each Station chooses which SoundTraxx show they wish to air.  Therefore, we recommend you contact the applicable Station directly with any questions you may have regarding our music selections.

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Enjoy our Next-Generation of SoundTraxx programmes, “SoundTraxx - Private Reserve” ... where we feature the “best of the best” in new releases, plus revisits to tasty classics that are no longer heard anywhere else on the airwaves.  Hear our new “Private Reserve” programmes at the Stations listed on our Venues page.

Our latest Perfect Blend of “SoundTraxx - Private Reserve” airs 26 March through 08 April 2017 throughout our global network of high-end Venues.


Segment 1

Theme: Smooth Sailing (feat. Rodney Franklin)/NorthSound/Ocean Odyssey

In Progress/Trentemoller/Hotel Saint Tropez - La Suite Deluxe

Let Go (feat. Gerald Albright)/Selena Albright/Conversations

Gentle Persuasion/Chris Standring/Groovalicious

Trading Eights/Saint Germain/Des Pres Cafe’ Volume 9

Limon & Sugar/Joe Le Blanc/City Cafe’ Volume 2

Segment 2

Same Time Tomorrow/Paul Eerhart/Paul’s Jazz Lounge

Summertime/Halie Loren/They Oughta Write A Song

Vienna/The Jeff Lorber Fusion/Prototype

Theme From ER/James Newton Howard/ER (TV Soundtrack)

Joys Of Life/George Anderson/Body & Soul

Mobile - Global/Bob Baldwin/The Brazilian-American SoundTrack (Radioactive)

Segment 3

Theme: Endless Blue (feat. Rodney Franklin)/NorthSound/Ocean Odyssey


Afternoon/Szteixo/Erotic Affairs, Volume 11

Ain’t Doing It/Pete Belasco/Lights On

Desire/Eskadet/Haute Couture, Volume 7

Segment 4

All To Myself/Julian Vaughn/Limitless

Tarde (Evening)/Carol Saboya/Belezas

All Alone/Gota/The Best Of Gota

Once Upon A Star/Mars Lasar/At The End Of The Day

The New Groove/Soundscape UK/Uptown Groove

Blackout/Dalem Osuno/Composite Lounge

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