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Playlists ... For Our Latest SoundTraxx Programme

Join us for our currently-airing Encore SoundTraxx Series, available now at the Stations listed on our Venues Page.  Each Station chooses which Encore SoundTraxx show they wish to air.  Therefore, we recommend you contact the applicable Station directly with any questions you may have regarding our music selections for the show you’re hearing.

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Enjoy our Next-Generation of SoundTraxx programmes, “SoundTraxx - Private Reserve” ... where we feature the “best of the best” in new releases, plus revisits to tasty classics that are no longer heard anywhere else on the airwaves.  Hear our new “Private Reserve” programmes at the Stations listed on our Venues page.

Our latest Perfect Blend of  “SoundTraxx - Private Reserve” airs from 10 through 24 February 2018, throughout our global network of high-end Venues.


Segment 1

Theme: Smooth Sailing (feat. Rodney Franklin)/NorthSound/Ocean Odyssey

Starsailor (Original Mix)/Passenger 10/Ibiza Lounge Classics

Lisa/Gary Palmer/Coast 2 Coast

Radio Waves/Scott Allman/Elevated

Love Inside/Lindsey Webster/Love Inside

Together Again/Peter White/Caravan Of Dreams

Segment 2

The Garden Of Earthly Delights/Michael e & Jirka/The Garden Of The Open Mind

Butterfly/Chris Godber/Momentum

Rush And Oak/Everett B Walters/Early Mornin’ Drive

One Thursday Morning/Hiroshima/Obon

I Like The Way You Talk To Me/Lori Williams/Lori Williams

Love Street/Chris Standring/Sunlight

Segment 3

Theme: Endless Blue (feat. Rodney Franklin)/NorthSound/Ocean Odyssey

The Missing Link/Mighty Miles/Groovy Jazz ’n’ Chill Lounge, Volume 6

I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby/Barry White/The Ultimate Collection (Disc 1)

On Solid Ground/Cindy Bradley/Bloom

Lamento Borincano/Brenda Hopkins Miranda/Puentes

Morning Breeze/Jazz Holdouts

Segment 4

Lateral Motion/Soundset City/Cafe’ Deluxe Chill Out Nu Brazil

The Big Apple/Paul Eerhart/Paul’s Jazz Lounge

Zanzibar/Mike Murray/Journey

Forward (San Souci Edit)/Lemongrass/Blue River (The 2nd Decade)

I Told You So/WaKaNa/Saxcess Story

Alluring/Kaxamalka/Lounge Underground Paris Edition

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