SoundTraxx with Mark Stanley

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Music Submission Information


Please carefully read the following information. Your cooperation will help us avoid delays in sampling your material for possible airplay.

Due to the volume of correspondence and submissions we receive, sometimes it takes more time to get back to you than we would prefer. Our thanks in advance for your patience.

Please bear in mind that our programme is album-cut based, tracing our beginnings back to the original Quiet Storm/Smooth Jazz formats which emerged in the mid-70’s to early 80’s.

Please submit your entire CD album as soon as it becomes available. Full albums always receive priority on SoundTraxx. This allows us to select and present your best work up front, and maximizes your opportunity to be heard. Your album may be submitted digitally, using the file transfer service of your choice. All music files must be hi-res (WAV, AIFF, or 320 or greater mp3/AAC).
If you wish to submit a physical CD, please contact us to obtain our current postal mailing address. Submissions arriving “Postage Due” will be returned.

Singles are also welcome. We understand the considerable time and resources required to produce even one song. Please understand, however, that submitting a single presents us with an “all or nothing” choice. You can rest assured that your submission will be given all due consideration. In order to minimize unnecessary postage costs and plastic waste, please digitally submit all singles (hi-res only). Make sure the file(s) contain all necessary metadata (song title, artist, album) before sending. You may use email or the file sharing service of your choice.

If your material is chosen for airplay on SoundTraxx, we will notify you the week prior to airplay via our emailed show update, transmitted to all applicable participating artists/bands/labels. In return, we encourage you to actively participate in the process by informing your fanbase of your upcoming SoundTraxx appearance, using all your social media platforms, promotional emails, and personal websites. Make sure to inform us of your email address when submitting your music.

Please note that airplay cannot be guaranteed.

Important to know: Due to time considerations, we are unable to audition music via videos, artist websites, social networking venues, links sent to us by artists, or by invitations to purchase music. We do not respond to emails asking us to express prior interest or request songs for airplay. For airplay consideration, please submit your music directly to us, using the methods designated above. Thank you for participating with us on SoundTraxx !

Email us: