SoundTraxx with Mark Stanley

"The Perfect Blend of All Things Jazz"

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Join us for our currently-airing Encore SoundTraxx Series, available now at the Stations listed on our Venues Page. Each Station chooses which Encore SoundTraxx show they wish to air. Therefore, we recommend you contact the applicable Station directly with any questions you may have regarding our music selections for the show you’re hearing.

Latest News

We will be on hiatus for the Summer of 2021 as we relocate our SoundTraxx studio, and expect a return to new programming in the Fall. Throughout the summer, all our stations have a terrific selection of Encore SoundTraxx shows for you to enjoy. For questions regarding the music you're enjoying, please contact the station you're listening to.

Upon our return to new programming in the Fall of 2021, we will resume publishing specific Playlists for all new shows.

As always, we appreciate your continued interest in SoundTraxx … and thanks for listening !